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ABAP Test Cockpit

ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) is an SAP new tool for ABAP programs quality checking. ATC is available from EhP2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 with support package stack 12. The ABAP Test Cockpit is directly integrated into the ABAP workbench as well as in the ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse and allows checking code from just within the development environment the ABAP developer is used to.

New Tutorials at SAPFunctional.COM

  • Control Recipe/PI sheet deletion procedure (More details)
  • Shift Note in SAP (More details)
  • Segregation of Valuable Components (ROH’s/VERP’s/SFG’s) for reuse after Process order confirmation & after GR (More details)
  • Process Instruction (PI) Sheet (More details)
  • Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP (More details)
  • Process Order Confirmation with Auto Goods Movement (Both GI & GR) (More details)
  • Automatic batch determination for raw materials/packaging materials/semi finished goods during Process Order Confirmation (More details)
  • Release Strategy configuration for Contracts (More details)
  • Using Alternate UOM while creating RFQ (More details)
  • G/L Opening/Closing Balance as on Key Date (More details)
  • Configuration for Allowing Price change in Service Entry Sheet (ML81N) (More details)
  • ‘Change validation ‘ in PU12 (More details)
  • Step by Step Reverse Service tax Mechanism Documentation (More details)
  • Create PU12 interface format for ‘Time data'  (More details)
  • Minimum Price check in Sale order (More details)

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You can document about a solution you have implemented in your project or step-by-step training document on any of the SAP® Technical / Functional areas or any tools you have developed.


  1. Introduction. Start with a brief description of what topic your article covers.

  2. Steps. Continue with dividing your article into small sub topics - the steps the user must take to build / understand the technique you are explaining.

  3. Summary. A brief summary of what you have explained.

  4. Source Code. In case of any programs, paste the source code in a text file and you can either embed the same in the document or attach it separately. 

For technical articles, please send your contributions to contributions@SAPTechnical.COM and for functional, mail to contributions@SAPFunctional.COM


  1. Your Tutorials / Guides / Articles should be 100% your own original work.

  2. Your documents must be in .Doc format. Please include necessary screen shots to make the concepts/scenario more understandable.

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