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Inserting data from Internal Table into the step "Send Mail"

By Sandeep Jape, Yash Technologies

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to insert multiple lines of an internal table in “Send Mail Step” in workflow.

Business Scenario: This tutorial can be used wherever you need to insert multiple lines of an internal table in “Send Mail Step” through workflow for example PR, PO rejection text.

Process: This demo creation will involve the following steps

  • Create custom workflow

  • Create container element

  • Fill Data in above created container element

  • Create Send Mail Step

  • Insert above container element in send mail step


  • You should have the basic knowledge about workflow that how to create a workflow & how to include Send Mail Step. (Please check other tutorials on SAPTechnical.COM for your reference)

  • Workflow configurations using SWU3 is already done

Step 1: Go to transaction SWDD, create a custom workflow save the same as follows

Step 2: Create a container element by name “DIS_TXT“& keep the properties as follows

Note: We are not going to fill this DIS_TXT at run time instead we will create test data in “Initial Value” section which will be used at the time of testing. Refer the below screen shot, append lines using “Append Row” Button & press confirm button >>

Step 3: Create add step “Send Mail” which will look like the following >>


·         Keep the Recipient as &_WF_INITIATOR&

·         Add subject & mail text & press OK button & give the name to step as follows & save in a request.

Now copy the task number of the send mail step & go to transaction PFTC >>

Click here to continue..

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