Passing multiline parameters from an ABAP Class event to a Workflow container

By Rodrigo Arenas Arriola, Mexico  

We usually trigger a Workflow by a Business Object event. However, what happen with an ABAP Class event? Is it possible to pass a multiline parameter from the event to the Workflow container. Here you have the answer.

First, we need to create an ABAP class for using it with workflows (you can review another tutorial from this site to do it).

The name of our class is ZCL_TRIGGER_MULTILINE.

Constructor method has the import parameter IM_KEY (the key for the instantiation).

And also the class has the event TRIGGER with two parameters:

ENAME                        TYPE PA0001-ENAME


Next, we need to create a Workflow template and use the ABAP class as its trigger. Notice that the workflow has the same parameters as the event -ENAME and DESCRIPTION-.

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