Concept of Re-evaluate agents for active work items in SAP Workflow

By Srinivas Reddy Oota, HCL Technologies

In real world we may frequently experience a situation where in we have to wait for approval from our manager and in some cases we may not get approval in time. In these cases from SAP perspective we have options of escalating via email in the form of deadline monitoring or forwarding the same approval request to someone else. In this blog I choose the concept of re-evaluate agents for an active work item which will re-initiate the active work item once the dead line is reached. Below is a simple example, might not be a real time scenario.  

An employee will raise a travel request from a custom SAP screen. The travel request will go to his line manager for approval. If the travel is on the same day of request raised, the approval work item will wait one hour for line manager approval if not approved; the same work item will go to the platform manager and the work item will disappear from line manager's inbox.  

For demo purpose I have created a simple screen from where user will raise travel request. The custom screen is linked to an event in a global class which will start workflow. Agent determination is done from a functional method in the global class. Which will be called from a rule function module.  Dead line determination is also done from a functional method in the global class.  

Note: My idea is only to explain the concept of re-evaluate agents for active work items with a simple example. The below example might not be a real-time business scenario.  

It is assumed that reader of the article has knowledge in the following areas:  

  • Creating global classes.

  • Workflow triggering via class.

  • Workflow development.

  • Implementing LPOR methods.

  • Creating rules

  • ABAP dialog programming.  

Development objects: 

The development has a custom database table created in SE11 which will store approver id's.

Create a global class ZCL_WORKFLOW_DEMO in SE24 assign the interface IF_WORKFLOW

Define the new structure and table Types in the types tab.

Declaration of types as shown below

Create the attributes in the attributes tab as shown below.

LPOR method implementation

FIND_BY_LPOR implementation

Create the below methods.  

Signature of Constructor method

Code inside constructor method:

Signature of GET_APPROVER method

Logic inside GET_APPROVER method.

The method has a very simple logic, if the import parameter DEADLINE_FLAG is initial, line manager will be returned else if the import parameter DEADLINE_FLAG is populated with 'X' platform manager will be returned. This method will be called from the rule function module which is assigned in the user decision step.

Signature of TRIGGER_WF method

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