Understanding "Advance with dialog" option of SAP Workflow

By Maavee Solutions

 “Advance with dialog” or “Advancing with Immediate Dialog” is an option provided by SAP to speed up the workflow processing if the subsequent work item has to be executed/processed by the same user.

If the option “Advance with dialog” is set, the system would check if the actual agent of the just completed work item is also the actual agent for the subsequent work item. If yes, the next work item is automatically executed and displayed to the agent.

This setting of “Advance with dialog” can be set at the “Basic data” of workflow definition or at the individual tasks. If you deactivate this setting, this is set to all individual steps and cannot be activated at step level. If you activate this setting at basic data, you can either activate/deactivate this setting at the individual steps.

To activate this at the “Basic data” of workflow definition (Transaction SWDD), do the following:

Click on the button “Basic data” as highlighted below:

Click on the tab “Version-Dependent (Current Workflow Version):

Here you have the option of either activate or deactivate this setting. By default, it is activated.

For our demo purpose, we would continue with the above setting.

For the ease of this demo, let us create two simple “User Decision” steps as shown below (For tutorial on creating the “User Decision” step, please click here):

Please ensure that:

1.     You have used your own Userid as the agent for both the steps.

2.     You have not deactivated the setting “Advance with Dialog” for both the steps (you can find this option in the tab “Details”):

Activate your workflow definition. 

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