SAP Query

Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • Creating Alerts on the basis of status of the Background Jobs with the help of ABAP Query (More details) NEW
  • Transporting SAP QUERY for STANDARD AREA from source system to target system (More details)
  • How to maintain Query Translations in different languages (More details)
  • Create transaction for SAP-Query (More details)
  • Creating Ad Hoc query (HCM related infoset query) (More details)
  • Developing SAP Query for Task List Data Extraction (More details)
  • Transport of SAP Query objects (More details)
  • Setting the Expiry date in SAP Query (More details)
  • SAP Query for getting hourly background job status (More details)
  • Building an SAP Query using ABAP Code (More details)
  • Development of Basic List Query using SAP Query (More details)
  • Configuration for SAP Query (More details) 
  • Working with infosets/User Groups/Query in detail (More details)
  • What is SAP Query? Purpose and Advantages of SAP Query? (More details)

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