One Stop Solution for all your SAP Training requirements (Technical or Functional)..

Are you Competent, Capable and Efficient?

Training and Learning are the tools that can create a long-term competitive advantage to your business.  This is like a R&D for your most critical resource - "People". If done properly, "Training and Learning" can enhance growth through higher productivity and lower costs by managing attrition. 

Training Methodology

No two Organizations are alike. A course curriculum that works for some company might not work for you. We customize the course as per your business requirements. We provide 15 days of post-course support to assist  the participants in their practice.

SAPTechnical would help your business:

  1. Accelerate Business Transformation
  2. Customized Course Curriculums
  3. Improve the quality and responsiveness of Training

Delivery Methods:

Choose the delivery method that matches your training goals, learning style, and budget, or talk to one of our training advisors about a tailored, blended learning solution.

Virtual Classroom

Get superior live, instructor-led training combining premium online delivery technologies and our industry-leading instructors, content, and exercises for a world-class training session, regardless of your location.

  • Save time and money by training without traveling - wherever you are
  • Learn from expert instructors, award-winning content, and real-world exercises
  • Choose from the industry's broadest selection of Virtual Classroom courses
  •  Interact in real time from a diverse set of peers and practitioners
  •  Enroll with confidence with a huge selection of Guaranteed Dates


Receive expert instruction and tailored curriculum delivered to your facility, live over the Internet, or to the location of your choice.

  • Tailor training to meet your objectives
  • Enjoy scheduling and delivery flexibility
  • Receive cost-effective private group training
  • Accommodate a small group or a corporate-wide project

Contact us!!

Interested in partnering with us for your training needs. Write to us at Trainings@SAPTechnical.COM with your requirements. 

Please send us your feedback/suggestions at webmaster@SAPTechnical.COM 

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