Download ABAP Code into PDF file

By Maavee Solutions

This document provides you with a short cut to generate PDF file for any ABAP program from an ABAP editor.

Open any program in ABAP Editor (Transaction SE38).

Click on the “Options” button highlighted in the screenshot below:

Following screen is displayed:

Now click on “Keyboard”.

Now from the commands, select “File.ExportPDF” (instead of scrolling down the entire list, type File in the input box and the commands starting with File are displayed):

After selecting the command, enter a shortcut you would like to use (as long as they are available) to generate the PDF file.

For our demo, I have taken Shift + P (You need to press on button P on your keyboard while holding the SHIFT button)

Now click on Assign.

Click on Save and return to the ABAP Editor.

On the ABAP editor, now use your shortcut (in this case SHIFT + P).

Save the PDF file in the location desired. Now the PDF file is generated as shown below:

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