Create Test Data container

By Rama Jyothi P

Purpose: This document explains how to create Test Data Container for a Test Script. Here I have been using the Test Script, Create Sales Order ‘ZSD_CREATE_SALESORDER_TS as reference to this Test Data Container. 

Transaction: SECATT 

Here are the steps to follow. 

Step 1: Go to transaction SECATT 

Choose Radio button Test Data and enter name of the Data Container to be created. Here the name will be same as Test Script name except that it ends with _TD instead of _TS. 


Click Create button. 

Step 2: Enter some description as well as component. (Same as Test Script). 


Save the script (Local Object) and Click on Parameters Tab. 

Step 3: Here create all the Import parameters of the Test Script as parameters. 


Save the script and Go to Variants Tab. 

Step 4: Click on Create Variant button.

Step 5: Enter the below details. 


And press save. 

Here we can create as many variants as we wish. 

With this we are done with the creation of Test Data Container. 

Save the data container and exit. 

Now we have to create Test Configuration to test our Test Script.

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