Update Email address of Vendor Master Using eCATT

By Vikas Desai, V3iT Consulting

This an alternative option to BDC, so I just felt like to make use of it as an alternative method to update new email address to Vendor master.

It is one of the easiest ways to create eCATT since it does not involve to maintained Test Data and System Data.

The following screen shots may guide you carry out all the steps

Step 1: Use TCode ‘SECATT’ to create test script.

I have used “Z_MM_XK02” as test script , by default version will be “1”.

Click on create icon


Enter the title and the select the component “MM” as shown below

Step 3:

Now select editor tab, where it will take you to the eCATT editor window,

Right click on the editor box of the Test script and select group as shown above highlighted screen.

It will automatically take you to XK02 Tcode i.e. Change mode of the Vendor Master data.

Step 3.

Once you finish with the recording you will get the following screen

Select Yes push button and the record will be saved in the editor.

Step  4:

Replacing the fields with your own variables

Click here to continue..


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