Zipping Files/Payloads using Module PayloadZipBean

By Praveen Kumar Kurni, YASH Technologies

Before proceeding with the actual scenario, we would discuss about the importance of module and the bean PayloadZipBean. 

What is a module? Where do we use it? How to use it? 

  • A module is a self-contained component of a system, in SAP XI terms it acts as a special function that is used by an Adapter to give provide the additional functionality to the Adapter.
  • We can use module in module tab of the Communication Channel Configuration
  • Provide Module Name, Module Type, Module Key as follows:
  • Module Name: localejbs/AF_Modules/<Module Name>

  • Module Type: Local/Remote Enterprise Bean or Java bean

  • Module Key: Any key name to handle Module Parameters ex: M1

Purpose of the Bean: PayloadZipBean 

We use this module to compress one or more payloads or extract payloads from a compressed file. 

Prerequisites to use this Bean: 

We have configured a communication channel and are on the Module tab page in change mode 

Business case:  

If we have a multiple files with large size to be processed, this module can reduce the size of the file and successively reduce the load on the XI/PI server. 

System Landscape Directory (SLD) 

We consider all the configurations are done in SLD for normal File-to-File scenario. 

Integration Repository (IR)

·         Import software Component from SLD: Use Menu->Tools Option

·         Create Name Space

·         Define Data Types

Source Data Type ---- DT_FileSender 


Target Data Type ---- DT_FileReceive 


Defining Message Types:  


Defining Message Interfaces: 


Message Mapping: 


Interface Mapping: 


Integration Directory: 

 We create configuration scenario as follows: 


We assign Business Systems/Business Services based on the requirement. 

Plz check Business Services are been used in this scenario. 


Assigning Message Interfaces to the Business Services: 

We assign Message Interfaces to the Business Services manually. 

Assign MI_FileReceive to BS_FILE_Receive 


Assign MI_FileSender to BS_FILE_SEND 


Create Communication Channels:  

We create communication channels as same as normal scenarios, apart from what we create we add this module PayloadZippedBean in module tab of Receiver Communication Channel properties.  

Sender Communication Channel: CC_MFileSender 



We provide multiple files in Advanced Selection for Source File; we check the checkbox and add files that are to be picked up. 

Receiver Communication Channel: CC_ZipFileReceiver 


We provide the File name Scheme as .zip file, specifying the same doesn’t generate a zip file; it must associate a module to generate the zip file.

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