Monitoring of XML Message Queues in R/3

By Sarang Kahu

1. Business Case

The information is a vital thing for any organization to make the strategic decisions. For these, information availability at right time and right place is essential. This achieved through connecting SAP R/3 system and legacy system with the help of XI (Now referred as PI-Process Integration). PI processes the data in XML format only. Also we can monitor the messages sent to PI in R/3 system using T-Code ‘SXMB_MONI’. This article gives insight into how we can monitor XML messages in R/3 system.

2. XML Messages in R/3 system

It is assumed that some messages are sent to the PI box from R/3 system and these messages are there in the message queue also the outbound message interface is asynchronous. 

Step 1: Run t-code: SXMB_MONI 

Run t-code ‘SXMB_MONI’ in the R/3 system, which sends data to PI to get the following screen.


Step 2: After executing the above screen as shown above, we arrive at the

Monitoring screen for XML messages to be sent to PI. The message with ‘Green’ colored flag shows the messages are in the queue and are thus scheduled for further processing. Also you can ‘Refresh’ or ‘Restart’ messages as shown in Red Color. 


Step 3: If we scroll to the right for a row, then we find the Queue ID as shown below. 


Step 4: Click on the Queue ID to take you to following screen.


Step 5: Again drill down to Queue Name – XBTS0005 to take you to following screen .Our main objective is to unlock the queue for the XML messages.


Here, click on the Unlock Button (RED Square) in the above picture to free the XML message stuck up in the queue. 

Step 6: Now you can see the change in the status of the XML messages again in the SXMB_MONI.  

It’s changed to Checkered Flag. 

3. Summary 

Thus we can mo monitor XML messages in XI and R/3 as well with the help of transaction SXMB_MONI. The XML messages stuck up in the queue are freed by unlocking queues in R/3 with the help of above transaction so that it reaches XI.

This functionality gives better Message Monitoring and Controlling. 

Note: The GUI and Queue Names may change as per XI and R/3 versions.


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