Process Integration (PI) / Exchange Infrastructure (XI)

PI/XI Tutorials:

  • Understanding the importance of XI (More details
  • Understanding and working with ABAP Mapping (More details
  • Mapping Templates in PI 7.0 (More details
  • How-to-do Alert Configuration in XI (More details)  
  • Useful information regarding SAP XI (More details)
  • Integration Engine Configuration (More details)
  • File Content Conversion (More details
  • Accessing Adapter-specific attributes (More details)
  • Working with Decentralized J2EE Adapter Engine - Part 1 (More details)
  • Working with Decentralized J2EE Adapter Engine - Part 2 (More details)
  • Working with Plain J2SE Adapters (More details)
  • Simple File-to-File scenario using Plain J2SE Adapters (More details)
  • Message Mapping concepts and introduction to Queues (More details)
  • Understanding Java Mapping concepts (More details)
  • Implementation of Node functions (More details)
  • User Decision step in PI 7.1 (Part 1) (More details)
  • User Decision step in PI 7.1 (Part 2) (More details)
  • Step-by-step guide to use BRM (Business Rules Management) using Java Classes (More details)
  • PI/ABAP Web service deployment in MS InfoPath (More details)
  • Mapping Documentation made Easy (More details)
  • Step-by-step guide to develop Adapter Module to read Excel file (More details)
  • Configuration of CRM 7.0 Server with PI 7.0 (More details)
  • Synchronous Scenario by triggering ABAP Client proxies from ABAP Server proxies (More details)
  • ENUMERATIONS in SAP PI 7.1/7.0 (More details)
  • Usage of SOAP Lookup and RFC Lookup in a single Mapping Program (More details)
  • Installation of SAP Conversion Agent (More details)
  • Archiving and Deletion in PI (More details)
  • XML Anonymizer Bean in Communication Channel to remove namespace prefix in XML payload (More details)
  • Creating a Technical System of type WAS ABAP in SLD (More details)
  • Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE) (More details)
  • Improving the performance of SAP standard implementations using SAP PI Advance Adapter Engine (AAE)Enhanced Document”/ “Version 2 (More details)
  • SAP Process Integration 7.3 Monitoring updates (More details)
  • Triggering alert (Email) using java mapping (More details)
  • Implementation of Bridge without using BPM (Using JAVA mapping) (More details)
  • Java Mapping for PI 7.1 using Abstract transformation class (More details)
  • How to Debug & Test inbound PI PROXIES (More details) NEW
  • Step by Step guide for Payload based message search in SAP PI (More details) NEW
  • Proxy to file scenario using AAE - with full configuration (More details) NEW

PI/XI Scenarios

  • Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario Part III (More details) NEW
  • Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario – Part II (More details
  • Chem XML Message eStandards and CIDX Scenario – Part I (More details
  • Ticket creation in Solution Manager through Mails (More details)
  • Step-by-step guide on File-to-IDoc using SAP PI 7.0 (More details)
  • Scenario on parsing PDF files using SAP Conversion Agent with PI/XI (More details)
  • A Step-by-Step Guide on Asynchronous RFC - to - JDBC Scenario Using SAP PI 7.0 (More details)
  • Integrating I2-MDM with PI7.0 using Web Service (More details
  • Java client proxy scenario (More details)
  • WebService to WebService Synchronous scenario (More details)
  • File-to-File Scenario without creating Repository Objects (More details)
  • Implementation of SOAP to JDBC synchronous scenario (More details)
  • Configuring a BPM scenario using Fork and correlation (More details)
  • Demonstration on using SYNC/ASYNC Bridge in BPM (More details)
  • Consuming XI Web Service in Java WebDynpro application (More details)
  • File to RFC with multiple records using BPM (More details)
  • Scenario to integrate BI (7.0) with PI (XI) (More details)
  • Zipping Files/Payloads using Module PayloadZipBean (More details)
  • Picking multiple files using File-Adapter FTP (More details)
  • Scenario on IDOC to MAIL using Mail Package Format (More details)
  • Conversions in Graphical Mapping (More details
  • Scenario on RFC to SOAP (More details)
  • Integration Scenario - A Modeling Tool (More details)
  • Demo scenario on HTTP client to RFC (More details
  • Enable Variable substitution in Receiver File adapter (More details
  • Inter Company Stock Transfer Order between 2 SAP systems achieved by designing a BPM (More details
  • Multiple Occurrence of file to single occurrence of RFC (More details
  • Tutorial on Receiver Determination Enhancement (More details
  • XSLT Mapping (More details
  • IDOC-to-IDOC Scenario (More details
  • ABAP Proxy Communication Scenario (Client Proxy) (More details
  • File-to-File Scenario with SLD and Monitoring Status (More details
  • Publishing Interface as Web Service (Web Service to RFC Scenario) (More details
  • Monitoring of XML Message Queues in the R/3 system (More details)  
  • ABAP Proxy communication Scenario (Server Proxy) (More details) 
  • RFC-to-Web Service Scenario (More details)  
  • IDOC-to-File Scenario (More details)  
  • Time Bound File Processing - File to IDoc Scenario (More details)
  • Collect Multiple IDOCs to File using BPM  (More details)
  • Step-by-step guide to use Java and ABAP Proxies in a scenario (More details)
  • Step by Step Guide to Validate EDI ANSI X12 Document using Java Mapping (More details)

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