WebService to WebService Synchronous scenario

By Pravesh Sharma, CSC

Scenario: -  

This document is made to explain the WebService to WebService Scenario using SAP XI as an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platform.

We are sending two numbers from a WebService Client Application using sender SOAP adapter to the Integration server. This input message is sent to the Receiver WebService using receiver SOAP adapter whose wsdl is imported in XI as an external definition and WebService is sending response back. 

System Message Flow:- 


SOAP-XI-SOAP scenario 


Configuring Sender SOAP adapter so that the message from the WebService Client Application can be transformed to the Integration Server. We are using receiver SOAP adapter and Web Service to send the response back.

Web Services are a standard format for exchanging data. The standard is based on XML

and consists of a SOAP envelope with a header and a body. The XI system allows creating a WSDL file from an interface description and uploading a WSDL file.  


1)       Business system is created in SLD (We will be using Business System E11BS as the Receiver Service. We will create Fn. Module in XI System that is why we are using E11BS Business System).

2)       Software Component and namespace is created in which development has to be done.

3)       WebService Client Application (Altova XML Spy) is available to send request to the Integration Server. 


Create a Remote-Enabled Function Module having two Import parameters of type INT4 and an Export parameter of type INT4.This Function Module will be exposed as a Web Service. 


Add the source code for the Function Module. 


To develop Web Service choose Utilities (M) àMore UtilitiesàCreate Web ServiceàFrom the Function Module from the main menu. 


Follow the Wizard for Web Service creation. 

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