Enable Variable substitution in Receiver File adapter

By Viswanadh, Yash Technologies

This document gives you clear idea how to use the variable substitution feature of Receiver File adapter to get the Output file name as one of the Field value from payload

Scenario is to post the output-file onto FTP Server with name from the payload values.    

[ For eg: Vendor_<Vendor Number>_TimeStamp.xml]

Understand that Vendor Number is taken payload (Message)  

·         Integration Directory

Configuring the File adapter Communication Channel as shown in the screenshot below 


As part of the Receiver File adapter configuration,  

1. Provide the file name scheme as Vendor_ %Var1%.xml where in Var1 is dynamic value taken from the message

2. Then check the Variable substitution in one of the section provided in the communication channel to enable variable substitution. Now insert a line to define Variable name and its reference.

2.1     Here define in the variable Name as "Var1"

2.2   Reference as “payload: MT_VendorAddress, 1, VendorNumber, 1

3. This will make the file adapter to understand payload value to substitute the VendorNumber tag with output file name as required.

·         Payload :

  • FTP Server :

Output File on FTP Server


Observation: From the above screenshot observe the file name named as Vendor_0000000109_20080321-202020-031, and understand that Vendor is fixed name, 0000000109 is the vendor number obtained from the message and the remaining content represents time stamp.

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