Ticket creation in Solution Manager through Mails

By Siddhesh S.Tawate

Scenario: Ticket has to be generated in Solution manager from mails. Three different mail ids are configured for three SAP systems. Mail on these ids should generate ticket in SOLMAN for corresponding system. Subject format is decided as <Short Desc>;<BP_No>;<Priority>;<SAP_Component>. Generated ticket no or errors if any has to be communicated back to respective user.  

Solution: Three different communication channels are configured for three mail ids. These will monitor the mails and any new mail is sent to BPM. BPM transforms the message and triggers synchronous proxy. This proxy will return generated ticket no or errors. This response is then returned back the sender of the mail. This scenario is capable of handling multiple attachments of any type of documents.  

IR Configurations:  

1. Data types: 

Mail Package has to be imported from service market place. This will act as data type for mail sender and mail receiver.  

Import the mail package (click here) as an external definition  

Data types for Proxy request and response are developed as below  


2. Message Type: 

Corresponding message types are created.  

3. Message Interfaces: 

Following message interfaces are created  

1. MI_MAIL_SENDER => Interface that accepts message from mail sender communication channels  

2. MI_MAIL_SENDER_ABS => Abstract mail sender interface for using message in BPM.  

3. MI_PROXY_SYNC_ABS => Abstract synchronous proxy interface for triggering sync proxy from BPM.  

4. MI_PROXY_SYNC => Synchronous proxy interface for sending message to Solman and returning response.  

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