Usage of SOAP Lookup and RFC Lookup in a single Mapping Program

By Pavan Kumar Nukala, Yash Technologies

We had a requirement in which we want to send the request to the RFC in SAP system and the WEBSERVICE both at a time and the values which we retrieve from the both systems should create the separate files in their respective business system.

I tried with the different approaches and finally I come up this approach. While trying with different approaches I found that synchronous flow of messages does not support multiple receivers. Here I used the concept of Lookup’s to overcome this issue.  And lookup’s helped me a lot and solve the issue very easily. And along with the lookup’s I used the concept of MULTIMAPPING.                         

I used the web service as Conversion Rate and created the custom RFC which has the input and output parameters. The RFC which was created in R/3 system has the functionality to take input and deliver the output.  

  The above screen shows the input parameters of the RFC and the output parameter is as shown below

The below screen shows the simple code to fetch the data from the custom table based on the input parameters.  

Based on the web service and the RFC, create the Source data type and message types.  

Source data type has the fields FromCurrency and ToCurrency.Create the two inbound data types one is for the web service and the other is for the RFC with same structure having the field as ForexRate as below:  

Inbound data type for web service:  

Inbound data type for the RFC.

Create one outbound message type and two inbound message types based on the above data types which were not mentioned here.  

Create the outbound interface with mode as asynchronous.  

Create the two inbound interfaces for RFC and web service.  

Inbound interface for the web service which is asynchronous.  

Inbound interface for the RFC which is asynchronous.  

Create the message mapping. While creating mapping program add the inbound message types explicitly under the message tab as shown below  

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