Synchronous Scenario by triggering ABAP Client proxies from ABAP Server proxies in PI/XI

By Bala Kalyan Chakravarthy Podili, Fujitsu Consulting

By calling Client proxies from Server proxies makes a synchronous without BPM here


This BAPI will take the customer information as request message and gives back the customer id as response.     

Let’s see the Development:  

FileSys1---->PI---->Server Proxy (Client Proxy will be triggered in Server Proxy)

Client Proxy----->PI------>FileSys2  

Generate the server proxies in ECC6.0 using Message Interface MI_IB_CREQ

Generate the Client Proxies in ECC6.0 using Message Interface MI_OB_CRES  

Data type for Request:  

Data type for Response:  

Message type for Request:  

Message type for Response:  

 Message Interfaces:

1)       MI_OB_CReq

2)       MI_IB_CReq

3)       MI_OB_CRes

4)       MI_IB_CRes

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