Java client proxy scenario in PI/XI

By Rachit Sehgal, CSC India

Scenario Introduction

In this article we explore a business scenario that involves sending a request from a JSP page to SAP NW PI 7.0, which forwards the request to a database and fetches the response. The request contains the username and transaction and the corresponding data is returned to JSP as response.

Logical Flow of the Business Scenario

  1. Request is sent from a JSP page.
  2. The request invokes a Java application class (developed by user for proxy invocation) that is deployed along with the EAR project (which includes the generated proxy beans/classes) in the SAP J2EE Engine.
  3. The Java application class performs a lookup for the required client bean in the SAP J2EE Engine and sends the request data.
  4. This client bean uses the generated proxy classes and forwards the message to Java Proxy Runtime.
  5. The Java Proxy Runtime of the J2EE Engine forwards the request to the messaging system.
  6. The messaging system forwards the request to the Integration Server of SAP Exchange Infrastructure using the HTTP URL http://<server>:<ABAP-http port>/sap/xi/engine?type=entry
  7. Configuration steps like sender agreement, receiver determination, interface determination, and interface mapping are performed.
  8. The message is routed to the Adapter Framework using HTTP URL http://<server>:<J2EE-http port>/MessagingSystem/receive/AFW/XI
  9. In the Adapter Engine the channels and agreements are read and then the respective communication channel using the JDBC adapter (in this business scenario) forwards the request message to the receiver database.
  10. Response is routed back to the sender Java application after the steps like interface mapping (response message mapping).
  11. The Java application routes the response to the JSP page that initiated the request

Development Steps  

Integration Builder Design Time  

1. Define Data Types, Messages Type for the following Message Mappings  

Request Message Mapping     --   JDBC_Select_File_Req_To_JDBC_Req_MM_HTTP

Response Message Mapping  -- JDBC_Select_JDBC_Res_To_JDBC_Res_HTTP  

Request Message Mapping   

Response Message Mapping   


2. Interface Mapping  

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