Step by Step guide for Payload based message search in SAP PI

By Gaurav Ranjan

Problem description: In some scenarios for e.g. if you have Idoc scenario in which you are sending employee master data to the target system through PI and you have to find the PI message for a particular employee number that went through then it becomes very tough to search the entire Idoc’s through WE02. Instead there should be some way through which we can directly get the message and then payload to analyze what exactly went through.

Solution: SAP has included one new feature from PI7.0 EHP3 of user defined selection criteria in SXMB_MONI for searching PI messages based on some particular field present in payload.

Steps for Configuration:

1.       Go to Tcode SXMS_LMS_CONF in PI system for configuration of extractors and filters.

2.       Click on add filter.

3.       Enter the Interface name, namespace and sender/receiver details. You can give * in sender and receiver details or can also specify particular sender and receiver.

4.       After adding the filter next step is to add extractor for a particular filter. Double click on the filter and then click on add extractor below.

Extr. Name : Give any meaningful name according to your wish.

Desription : Provide description of the Extractor

Xpath : Logical path for the field on the basis of which we have to find the PI message like here it is BELNR i.e. Purchase order document number. So this extractor will be used to find the PI message based on PO number. This is nothing but expanding the Idoc structure.

Method: Choose one or both the methods.

·         Extract during message processing will work for the messages that went through PI after this configuration has been done and it will not work for older messages.

·         Extract with External batch job will apply this filter for older messages as well. Bit for achieving this you have to run batch job for program “SXMS_EXTRACT_MESSAGES”.

5.       Once all these steps have been done go to the filter created and click on activate.

The filter will be activated showing green LED.

6.       Next you can test your filtering. Click on the extractor and then select test Extractor from the top. It will ask for PI message ID. Enter the message ID and it will give you the result.

7.       Now you can test your filtering by going to SXMB_MONI -> User defined selection criteria.Enter the Purchase order number and it will give you the subsequent PI message.

8.       By following these steps you can successfully configure user defined payload search for PI without TREX. If required you can define different extractors for the same filter as well.

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