Scenario on parsing PDF files using SAP Conversion Agent with PI/XI

By Bala Kalyan Chakravarthy Podili, Fujitsu Consulting

Step1: Development in PI Design (IR).

Step2: Development in Conversion Agent Studio.

Step3: Deploying ConversionAgent project.

Step4: Development in PI Configuration (ID).

Step5: Test the Scenario.

I have taken a PDF file which is a Vodafone bill.

Here I am concentrating on parsing this PDF file. Kindly observe the red marked box in the above screen shot which consists of Customer Name and Address.

Step1: Development in PI Design (IR).

Create a DataType, MessageType, MessageInterfaces, Message Mappings and Interface Mappings.


Save the XSD of Messagetype MT_Balance by selecting option Export XSD to file as shown below.

Create Outbound and Inbound Message Interfaces

Save and activate the objects.

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