SAP Process Integration 7.3 Monitoring updates

By Praveen Kumar Kurni, Yash Technologies

With this blog I want to showcase the updates of monitoring concepts in coming SAP PI 7.3.

In SAP PI 7.3 we have a central tool for overview monitoring the Integration Scenarios in our landscape which is SAP Solution Manger (SOLMAN here after). That means, when we click on Configuration & Monitoring Home (NWA) in Integration Builder it will open up SOLMAN which is available in our Landscape. So in SOLMAN we have to navigate to PI Monitoring Dashboard àTechnical Monitoring Work Center. When we want need reviewed/detailed information about the processes or Messages then we can navigate to local monitor.

Within a local monitor we can get detailed information about a specific process, which also allows us to control the process execution. SAP provides the following local monitoring tools:

1.     SAP NWA (http://hostname:portno/nwa)

2.     Runtime workbench (http://hostname:portno/rwb)

3.     Integration Engine Monitoring SXMB_MONI

Fig: Integration Builder – Configuration and Monitoring Home

Monitoring Home:

Let us drill down what are the available functionalities in Monitoring Home. Under Common Tab we have following monitoring concepts:

Monitoring Home à Common

Monitoring Home à Integration Engine


Monitoring Home à Adapter Engine

Monitoring Home à Business Process Engine

§  Integration Process Monitoring

Monitoring Home à Mapping Runtime

 Monitoring Home à Configuration and Administration


Monitoring Home à Test Tools

In my next blog, I will explain functional insight of improved Monitoring Environment.

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