Mapping Documentation made Easy

By Praveen Kumar Kurni, Yash Technologies

This document explains easy method to create mapping documentation using SAPXI 3.0/PI 7.0/7.1.  

Challenges faced while doing mapping documentation:  

  • Importing Source Structure and Target Structures in to MS Excel.  

  • Identifying Individual Fields in both the structures.  

  • Mapping with Target Fields.

  • Mapping Target Fields that have complex function of message mapping.

  • Mapping Target Fields that have UDF’s in place.  

It takes more documenting hours than developing hours. In order to reduce the “Documentation Time” and effectively utilize the Developers time, we can use the simple tool for mapping documentation.  

Tips to Create Mapping Documentation:  

Follow the screen shots to generate Mapping Documentation  

Step 1: Open you message mapping in Integration Repository.  

Step 2: In edit mode press Ctrl + Shift + 0 which shows the screen as follows:  


Step 3: Press the first button to Export Message Mapping:  


Step 4: Save the file in your local directory:  

This action will save the file in the .XIM format.  


Step 5: Open website Select option PI Documenter    



Step 6:  Upload the .XIM file from your local directory where the file is saved in Step 4


Step 7: Now press Generate document  

This action will generate an .XSL file which will be as follows:  


This makes it easy documentation work and achieves above challenges.


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