Integrating I2-MDM with PI7.0 using Webservice

By Bala Kalyan Chakravarthy Podili, Fujitsu Consulting

Scenario: integrate the I2-MDM with PI7.0, we can use the same procedure for integrating SAP MDM.

This document doesn’t cover how to generate a WSDL from I2-MDM and also SLD part of PI.

When I got a requirement to integrate MDM with PI…I thought we can integrate with File but fortunately I have chosen the other method by using web service…

When you send the master data with file to MDM via PI, PI will push the data in files to a folder in MDM and that data has to again upload in to respective MDM tables this takes time…To avoid consuming more time there is an other procedure of using web service…

Webservice Can be created using MDM Tables depending upon actions like Creation, Modify and Block…Lets say I want to push the Customer Master Data from SAP when customer gets created, changed and Blocked…When either of the actions performed by user ,IDoc gets generated and hit PI and PI sends IDoc data to web service of MDM, Web service will directly push in to respective MDM tables…

Lets see the steps involved in PI and MDM….

Import the iDoc DEBMAS in IR and also import MDM WSDL as External Definitions.

Below screen shows different messages occurred in the MDM WSDL. Here i focused on createCustomer message.

Check the service tag in the MDM WSDL, Depending upon the soap address location we can point our PI to I2-MDM.

Note: SOAP address location will be mentioned later in receiver SOAP communication channel of ID.

Create Message mappings directly, if yours is an asynchronous scenario from SAPtoMDM.

Create Message interface’s for BPM, if it is a synchronous scenario from SAPtoMDM.

Create interface mapping after creating message mapping…

Message Mapping:

Interface Mapping:

Save IR objects and Activate…

Now Login to ID and create a Business Service for MDM and Communication channel for MDM  

No sender Agreements required,

Create a receiver Agreement,

Create Receiver Determination and

Interface Determination.

Save and activate all ID objects.

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