File-to-File scenario using J2SE Engine

By Kalyan Chakravarthy, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt ltd

Before starting this document please refer the topic Working with PlainJ2SE Adapters which I posted earlier. 

This document gives an idea on how PlainJ2SE Adapters work with XI. 

 Step1: Steps in PI server

 Step2: Configuring Plain J2SE File Adapter for both Sender and Receiver.

 Step3: Test the Scenario. 

Step1: Steps in PI (XI) 

Create Data types, Message Types, Message Interfaces, Message Mapping and Interface Mappings in IR. 

a) Create Data type: 


b) Create Message type:


c) Create Message Interfaces for Outbound and Inbound Interfaces



d) Create Message Mapping: 


e) Create Interface Mapping:


Now Save and activate all the objects in IR. 

Now to go to the Integration Directory and create a Configuration Scenario and also Create Business Services. 

 Steps in ID:

  1. Create a communication Channel for the Receiver Business Service. And No need of configuring Sender communication Channel.

  2. No Sender Agreements.

  3. Create Receiver Agreements

  4. Create Receiver Determination.

  5. Create Interface Determination.

a)       Create a communication Channel for the Receiver Business Service

  Adapter: XI

  Type: Receiver 


From the above screenshot Target Host will be the IP address of the Target system to which PI has to send.

Service Number can be anything.

Path also can be anything. 

But while configuring the PlainJ2SE file_receiver adapter

It’s better to give the path for XI.httpService as mentioned below.

XI.httpService=http://<TargetIPAddress>:<Service Number>/file/test 

Authentication Data:

 Authentication Type: Use Logon Data for Non-SAP System

 User Name: sap (which is used to logon the PlainJ2SE Adapters)

 User Password: init 

b) No Sender Agreements. 

c) Create Receiver Agreements


d) Create Receiver Determination


e) Create Interface Determination. 


Finally configured steps in ID with colored :


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