PI/ABAP Web service deployment in MS InfoPath

By Vijayanand Poreddy, YASH Technologies

When we develop a scenario like Web Service-XI-Proxy or exposed an SAP RFC function module as web service, to test end-to-end scenario one can develop an application (web page) in Microsoft InfoPath (MS-Office product) with WSDL file generated for the web service as follows.  


Assuming, a WSDL file is generated by exposing a SAP RFC function module as webservice. Check the following link for the scenario development.  

Creation of a web service in SAP


Step 1: Generate the WSDL file as follows.  

  •  Go to Transaction WSADMIN

  • Select the Webservice definition for which WSDL code has to be generated

  • Click on button   (WSDL).  

Step 2: A pop-up will be triggered to select WSDL style, Select as document style and click OK.  


Step 3: A new browser (Internet Explorer) window starts with a pop-up for Login credentials. Enter the SAP login credentials. Thus you can see the WSDL code generated for the RFC function module.  

Step 4: Now save the code as <filename>.WSDL on to your local system.  

Step 5: Start Microsoft InfoPath StartàProgramsà Microsoft Office à Microsoft Info Path 2003.  

Step 6: Click on Design a Form in the right pane,  

 In the next screen, click on New from Data Source.  


Step 7: A pop-up window appears. Select the option web service, click Next.  


Step 8: In the next screen select the option Receive and submit data, click on Next  

Click here to continue....


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