XI - IDoc to IDoc Scenario

By Raghava Vakada, Mouri Tech Solutions


In this scenario we are sending an IDOC from an R/3 system to the IDOC in other R/3 system through XI. 

XI Details:

Integration Builder: Design 

Component Name  : SAPNW of sapnw

Namespace             : urn: idoc2idoc

Integration Builder: Configuration 

Scenario Name     :   IDoc2IDoc

Business System   : SAP01  (Cgnsap 01 System)  

                                   SSI (Cgnsap 13 System)

Communication Channels:

1) No Sender Channel is required as we are using IDOC.

2) CC_OUT_IDOC_MATMAS05 [Send the data from Xi to CGNSAP01]. 

Transaction Codes Used

SM59- To Create RFC Destinations

WE21- To Create IDoc Ports

SALE- To Create Logical System

WE20- To Create Partner Profiles

BD64- Display Distribution Model

WE19- To Trigger an IDoc 

IDX1- Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter

IDX2- Metadata Overview for IDoc Adapter 

Processing Steps:  

Source Side Configuration: CGNSAP13 (SAP R/3) 


Using Transaction Code WE19 we can see the structure of IDOC (MATMAS05), which we are using 

Go to Transaction Code WE19 and enter the name of IDOC in Basic Type and execute

Click on the Segment data and then a screen will come in which the data of IDOC is entered   

Creation of RFC Destination:  

1. Create RFC Destination: To create a RFC destination use transaction SM59.

The RFC destination is created to provide IDOC a route from SAP system to XI server. Thus once the IDOC is initiated will reach to this destination for further transformations.


2. Create a RFC Destination XI_IDOC2IDOC with Target Host: Cgnsap 32(XI System) and select the connection type as 3(Connection to R/3 System). 

  1.  The following screen will come once you will click on Create for new RFC destination.

  2. Give a name to your RFC destination.

  3. The Target Host field will be your XI server like cgnsap32.

  4. All the other fields are dependent on the target host.

  5. Save this and your RFC will be created.

Go to Logon/Security tab and fill the details for the Cgnsap32 system as shown below 


Creation of IDOC PORT:  

3. Create Port: To create a port uses the transaction WE21. We need a port to send the IDOC to the intended RFC destination. 

  1. Create a new Transactional RFC.

  2. Give the port name.

  3. Select the RFC destination for this port.

  4. Save the data.

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