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IDoc to File Scenario 

by Neeraja Surapaneni

1 General Requirement

 1.1 Introduction

This document describes IDoc to file scenario in which an IDoc from an SAP system is converted into a Flat File and routed to the FTP Server via Exchange Infrastructure. 

A business system representing Sender SAP system sends the IDoc to XI; XI converts the IDoc to Flat File and sends it to the receiving business system (FTP Server) by using an inbound File adapter. 

1.2 Prerequisites:

  • One Business System representing the sending R/3 is required to be configured of type 3rd party in SLD (System Landscape Directory).
  • FTP configuration should be in place to transfer the output file to desired   location.

2 Configurations at the Sender System (SAP R/3)

 This section describes all the configurations needed in the Sender SAP System (R3X) for sending an IDoc to XIR. 

2.1 Create RFC Destination

Use TCode SM59 to create RFC Destination in R3X to connect to XI (XIR) system.

RFC Destination in R3X: R3X_TO_XIR


2.2 Maintain Ports

Use TCode WE21 to create a tRFC Port. The RFC Destination created in the previous step should be assigned to this port.

Port in R3X: SAPXIR


2.3 Maintain Partner Profile

Create a Partner Profile for the Receiver System (XIRCLNT100) using the T-Code WE20, with the following outbound parameters.

Message type: MATMAS

IDoc Type: MATMAS05

Receiver port: SAPXIR 


2.4 Create Distribution Model (BD64)

Create model view and add Message type with following

Sender System – R3XCLNT100

Receiver System – XIRCLNT100

Message type - MATMAS

Distribute the Model view.


3 Configurations in the Integration Server  

This section gives an overview of all the configurations required in the Integration server. These settings are required for the XI system to receive the IDoc sent by the Sender SAP system. 

3.1 Create RFC Destination

Use TCode SM59 to create an RFC Destination of Type 3 in order to establish communication with the Sender SAP system.

Sender RFC Destination in XIR: R3XCLNT100


3.2 Create Port

On the Integration Server, create a port for IDoc communication using transaction IDX1.

Ideally, the port name should be of the format SAPxxx, where xxx is the system id of the SAP system. The created port has to be bind with the RFC Destination of the Sender SAP system configured in the Step 3.1 above.

Sender Port in XIR: SAPR3X


3.3 Transaction IDX2

This configuration step is used to import the metadata of the IDoc using the corresponding Business system’s port as below. 




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