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Scenario on HTTP Client to RFC

By Viswanadh, PI Competency Team, YASH Technologies

This document describes how the HTTP Client Communicates with SAP R/3 System using SAP XI. In this scenario represented pictorially, a client is going to place HTTP request to XI server by sending an XML message, where in XI is going to transform the request from HTTP to a RFC call to SAP R/3 system.

1.       Configurations in the Integration Repository

1.1.    Import the Software component into Integration repository

1.2.    Create the name space

1.3.    Enable the option “import of RFC/IDOC permitted “

2.       Under Interface Objects

2.1.    Creating Objects for Outbound Interface

2.1.1.        Data Type

2.1.2.        Message Type

2.1.3.        Message Interface

2.2.    Creating Objects for Inbound Interface

       Import the RFC from R/3.

No need of Creating Objects for Inbound Interface when we import the RFC from R/3 system, they can be used as Data Type, Message Type and Message Interface.

2.3         Create Message Mappings

2.4         Defining Interface Mapping

2.5    Save & Activate Change List. 

3         Configurations in the Integration Directory

3.1         Sender Communication Channel are not required .

3.2         Receiver Communication Channel :

3.3         Sender agreements and configuration of Sender HTTP adapter are not required

3.4         Receiver Agreement:


3.5   Interface Determination

 3.6   Receiver Determination

4.   Why we are not configuring HTTP adapter on sender side?

4.1 The plain HTTP adapter is part of the Integration Engine

4.2 The HTTP address (URL) invokes the HTTP adapter

4.3 We must code the control data in the HTTP address as parameters; these parameters are obligatory to be able to generate a message.

4.4  HTTP addresses syntax:

http ://<hostname:port>/<path>?<query-string>

Ø       < hostname: port > : Host and port of the HTTP proxy

Ø       < path > : /sap/xi/adapter_plain 

Ø       <query-string > : Namespace ,Interface ,Service

     optional  ( party, scheme ,  QoS )

To understand the construction of query-string, go through the following link

5. HTTP Client Request to SAP XI is place from HTML Desktop Application where in when SEND button is clicked, internally Java script is going to collect the data from the GUI and prepare the query string as explained above.

Sample code For the HTTP Client provide in under 

6. Record Added in to Z table in Sap R/3 System


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