Picking multiple files using File-Adapter FTP

By Chandra Dasari, YASH Technologies

Customer-Business Case 

We want to pick multiple files using File Adapter –message protocol FTP, while picking it should mask some files as per given naming, is it possible? 

Yes. It is possible. 

DESCRIPTION: When we want to process multiple files using file adapter the only option was using NFS and checking additional files option. However if we want to use same functionality using FTP we would face problems. 

Pain Points:

  • Even if we use *.xml only one file would be picked up

  • We cannot mask the files, which we don’t want to pick from folder. 

In the System Landscape Directory (SLD):

  • Create product & version

  • Create Software unit & software component version

  • Create Technical Systems: Third party Systems

  • Create Business Systems

  • Third party Systems

  • Role: Application systems

  • Related Integration Server: PI Server

**SLD steps are not covered here assuming they have done 

Integration Repository

  • Import software Component from SLD: Use Menu->Tools Option

  • Create Name Space

  • Define Data Types

Source Data Type


Target Data Type


Define Message Types: 



Define Message interfaces:



 Define Message Mapping 


Define Interface Mapping 


Integration Directory: 

   Create Configuration Scenario


Import Business Systems From SLD


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