How to Debug & Test inbound PI PROXIES

By Shweta Chavan, Hitachi Consulting


This article will elaborate you the step by step procedure to debug & Test the inbound PI proxy.  Normally in support project, when you have bug for which you have to debug the proxy method. There are normally two ways to test your proxy. You will find them in this article. Before you start debugging, you have to ask the PI person to provide you input data in XML format. They can easily give you input XML.  


1.     Go to transaction SPROXY. Search and select the required inbound proxy. Double click on interface. Interface and its associated class data will get displayed on right hand side of the window.

2.     Double click on Provider Class.  It will take you to SE24 Class Builder. Select the method which you want to debug. Put a breakpoint inside method.

In case of custom proxies, the class will be custom ones. You have written your custom code inside any method of class. Till the time you implement proxy, it will remain as interface.  

This step is optional as you can also set the debug option while running proxy. but if you do this then you would directly go at required breakpoint.  


3.     Now come back to original SPROXY screen. Select menu proxyà Test Interface. Or you can press F8.  



4.     In the popup set the flag for debug method and Generate initial Template data.  


5.     In the next window you can change the generated payload. In the screen there are two possibilities for uploading data/files:

1.     Upload the XML file using  button. give the file path which you received from PI persons

2.     You can also manually enter data using XML editor. Click on  button and enter manually data as like below:


6.     Save the data. it will ask for proper description.


7.     Now Press F8 to execute the call. In the results it will take you to debugging screen where you put your breakpoint.  

At the end you can check if the call could be processed without error or not.

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