Configuration of CRM 7.0 Server with PI 7.0


Configurations in PI server:  

1. RFC Destination in PI Server: Use TCode: SM59  

  • RFC Destination: SAPCRD.
  • Connection type: 3 ABAP Connection.
  • Target Host name : crmdev
  • IP Address: 10.80. . (Actual system IP Address of CRM Server)
  • Gateway Host  : crmdev     System No: 00
  • Gateway service: sapgw00



Provide the Logon details of the CRM system.  


2. Port: Use TCode: IDX1

  • Port: SAPCRD
  • RFC Destination : SAPCRD 

Note: There should be only one port name that should be pointing CRM server with the system details.  

Q. What happens if you provide you own name instead of RFC name as port name?

       Please see handling error section of this tutorial.  


3. Meta Data Overview for IDOC Adapter: IDX2  


Customer Distribution Model in CRM system: BD67  

Handling common errors shown in SM58 of CRM 7.0 while sending IDoc’s  

When we send IDoc from sender CRM server to PI server, error messages are issued in sending system (TCode SM58) for the function module IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS. As we don’t configure any sender IDoc adapter in PI server this is where we resolve IDoc related issues in common.  

Let’s discuss common errors cause and solutions for the same.  

Error message: No service for system SAPCRD client 201 in the integration directory  

Cause: There is no service without party in PI server that represents CRM server with client details.  


We send IDocs from system CRD to PI. In the control record (Segment EDIDC40) of the IDoc, the SNDPOR (Sender Port) field contains the value "SAPCRD". The client of the sending system is determined by the MANDT field of the control record. The system ID and client are then used to determine a service without party of the type (business-system/business-service)  

In System Landscape Directory (SLD) create a technical system for CRD system and assign a client for the same. Don’t forget to assign an “ALE logical system” to the technical system created. Create a business system for this technical system. Then Business System can be imported under service without party/update the details existing in PI.  

Error message. Transaction IDX1: Port SAPXYZ, client 201, RFC destination 


The Integration Server tries to load the IDoc metadata from the sending system. Standard IDoc schemas from the Integration Repository cannot be used because they are release-dependent.  

As we discussed above Integration Server is determined by the value of the “SNDPOR” field from the IDoc control record. We will create a port in IDX1 in Integration Server, which is similar to that of the RFC Destination created in CRD. This must be unique and matching with RFC destination in CRD (for ex: SAPCRD) please avoid common names like RFCTOPI, RFC2PI.

This implies sender RFC destination in CRD and Port in Integration Server should be same. Then it can import the IDoc metadata from the sending system using the “SNDPOR” field neglecting the standard IDoc schema that got imported in to PI.  

Error message: "::000"  

This error occurs if the central XI system tries to load the IDoc metadata from the sending system by RFC. But there might be several reasons for this error. Error is not transferred in full by the tRFC completely, so we get the above incomplete error.  

Possible reasons for the above error:  

  1. user login fails for the sending system;
  2. Authentication failure for user login.
  3. IDoctyp/Cimtyp cannot be loaded.
    • Check for the user login details and also which client is used for login.
    • Check with system administrator and assign necessary roles for the user.
    • Verify IDoc type in TCode : WE30 whether 
  • New IDoc segments added are released.

  • Segments that no longer exist in IDoc should be removed.

  • Data elements that do not exist in the DDIC are assigned to fields in the segment.  

Error message: NO_EXEC_PERMISSION: "User" "Business System"  


‘User’ is not in the list of Users list created in the directory who are authorized to use ‘Business System’


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