Configuration of CRM 7.0 Server with PI 7.0

By Praveen Kumar Kurni, Yash Technologies

As CRM server produces BDoc instead of IDoc, this conversion takes place in XIF adapter which is inbuilt in CRM. But XIF (EXTERNAL INTERFACES) is nothing to do with PI/XI in particular. It is inbuilt in CRM which handles conversion part. I’m not discussing the steps that are required for conversion.  

Summery of Configuration details for both servers CRM and PI.  

CRM Server:  

Logical system name: SAPCRD       SAP + CRD (System Name)

RFC Destination        : PICLNT001 (pointing to PI server)

Port                             : SAPPID with RFC destination PICLNT001

Partner Profile           : Partner No: LOGSYS001 (Logical system of PI)  

PI Server:  

Logical system name: LOGSYS001

RFC Destination          : SAPCRD

IDX1                             : SAPCRD

(Must be RFC destination: Probably Logical system name of CRM server)

IDX2                               : Maintained  

Configuration Steps:  

1. RFC Destinations in CRM: Use TCode SM59  

  • Provide the RFC Destination name preferably logical system name of the PI Server.

             RFC Destination: PICLNT001

  • Connection Type: 3  ABAP Connection

Since we are connecting two SAP Servers we will go for this Connection type.

  • Under Technical Setting  provide the following:

              Target Host: pidev (Server Name)

              System No: 00                       

              IP address: 10.80. . (Actual IP Address of the PI server)             

              Gateway Host: pidev

              Gateway Service: sapgw00 (sap + gw + System No)              

      How to find out Gateway Service for any Server?  

Open transaction SMGW and choose Go to -> Parameters -> Display.

Beneath Attributes there will be the entries 'gateway hostname' and 'gateway service'.  

 RFC Destination PICLNT001 in CRM  


Logon & Security:  

We provide the login details of the PI server.

This facilitates the authentication to connect PI Server using particular RFC Destination: PICLNT001  

Note: Beware with caps lock while providing password. If you test the connection with wrong password 3 times PI server gets locked for this user without your knowledge.  







2. Port Configurations in CRM: Use TCode WE21   

      Select Transactional and press create on the menu.  

  • Provide the port name as SAPPID

                                               SAPPID à SAP + PID (PI Development)

  • Provide RFC destination which we create in TCode SM59 PICLNT001  


3. Partner Profile: Use TCode: WE20

Select the Partner type LS and press create.

Provide the following details

  •    Partner No: LOGSYS001
  •    Partner Type: LS

Under post processing permitted agent tab

·         Ty. US (User)    

·         Agent: user name of CRM server

  • Add the message type which you want to send from CRM to PI in outbound parameters table.  Example: CRMXIF_PARTNER_SAVE_M  

Note: CRMXIF in the message type this is due to XIF inbuilt adapter available in CRM.

Similarly add message type which you want to receive from PI in the Inbound parameters table

Partner Profile: Outbound Parameters  

  • Provide the Receiver Port as SAPPID Port name that we defined in TCode WE21
  • Select the option Transfer IDoc immediately option.
  • Provide the IDoc basic type for the message type.


With that we finish configuring CRM server.

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