XI - BPM Scenario using Fork and correlation

By M.Leela Ratnam, Satyam Computer Services


We will design and configure a BPM scenario-using Fork, i.e. we will send messages to XI and XI will in turn merge the two messages to a single message. In our scenario both sender and receiver are Asynchronous applications. BPM was required for merging of two files. By this scenario you will know how to use Fork and correlation in BPM.

Process Flow of the scenario is given below.

We will send two files as input. These two files get merged into a single output. In the below diagram, File 1 and File2 are separate files. These two files got merged into a single file.           



Create the software component in SLD and import the software component in the Integration Repository.

Create the new namespace.


Create data type for File1.


Create data type for File2.

Create the output data type.


Create the message types for the corresponding data types you have created above.

Create Message Type for File1.


Create Message Type for File2. 

Create the Message type for Output.



Create outbound Asynchronous interface for File1.

Create outbound Asynchronous interface for File2 

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