Integrating BI 7.0 with PI (XI)

By Kalyan Chakravarthy, Fujitsu Consulting India Pvt ltd

Scenario: XI picks up file from sender service and sends the data to PSA, which is located in BI7.0 as shown in the following diagram.  

The data is stored in the PSA and can be processed via a Data Transfer Process (DTP). 

Push mechanism from XI (PI) to BI can be done by using RFC/SOAP and also using Proxies.

This document shows a scenario using RFC Adapter in PI at receiver end (for BI side). 

Steps Required:

  • Configuration in BI

  • Developing an Interface in PI

  • Testing. 

Before going to the steps please check the T.CODE: SICF that the mentioned services are active or not.

Check availability of following XI services in SAP Net Weaver usage type BI system:

  • adapter plain

  • cache_gui

  • cache_ssl

  • docu_apperror

  • docu_syserror

  • engine


Step1: Configuration in BI 

Go to the transaction RSA1 

Create a Web Service Source System 


Create a Data Source 


Maintain the General Information. 


Maintain the Extraction Properties 


Maintain the following fields with the corresponding info objects:






Save and activate the Data Source the Web Service: /BIC/CQSENDXML00001000

And the Function Module /BIC/CQSENDXML00001000 are generated in this example.


A fixed name for the Web Service can be given (“/BIC/CQ” + Name).

This name will be stable during the transport between systems. 


Now Create the Info Package.

Right mouse click on Data Source 


Give the Info Package a Description “XI_BW Integration” and press Save. 


Save the Info Package. 

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