ABAP Proxy Communication Scenario (Client Proxy)


In this demo scenario, there is slight variance in source and target messages. From the source we will get First name and last name where as target will accommodate only one full name and also source will send the annual salary whereas target will have the field Monthly salary. Hence required mapping should be done.  



Save it.

Now activate all the objects that are developed in IR.

Before starting the configurations in the Integration directory, let us complete the creation of client proxies in source R/3 system.

Creating ABAP Proxies in Application system 

Go to SPROXY transaction in R/3 system.

Here we can see all the Integration Repository objects. Select the outbound interface for which we want to create the proxy. Right click on the interface and select create option. 


ABAP proxy will generate the following objects. 


We can observe the Structures resembling outbound data types, message types get created in the system. As the source structure can send multiple records of Employee, observe that a Table type of ZTDT_EMPDET_OB_EMPLOYEE_TAB getting created. This can be transferred to FTP.   


Activate the generated proxy. 

For creating ABAP client proxy request we need to call the execute_asynchronous method of this class. This method will take the input as of type ZTMT_EMPDET_OB. 

To fill the employee details we need to create the structure of type ZTDT_EMPDET_OB_EMPLOYEE and table of type


 After filling the internal table finally we need to move this to


Objects that need to be developed in ID 

First we need to create communication channels for sender and receiver. Here it is not required to create sender communication channel as we are using proxies in the sender side for communication. We need to create Receiver communication channel to place the file with employee details in the FTP server. 


The next step in the Integration directory is we need to create Sender agreement, receiver agreement, interface determination and Receiver determination. But in our scenario it is not required to create sender agreement.  



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