Ad Hoc agent assignment in Workflow

By Sathis Kumar R, Quintegra Solutions

This Article is about the Adhoc Agent Assignment for workflow.  The workflow initiator assigns a recipient to the steps in the workflow at runtime.  


Assigning Adhoc Agent for the task " create the leave form".   

Step by step:                     

Create the new workflow named as "wf_4adhoc " 

 Drag and drop the activity from the step type.  

Now create a new task for leave form.

In that give your own abbreviation and name for the task.  

Object Category : BOR Object

Object Type       : FORMABSENC.

Method              : CREATE.  


Now save the task and go back .Now the binding between the task and the workflow was shown like. 

 Click ok (Tick mark) button.

 Now the task complete option was active.  

 You don't fill any agent for this task. You leave it as empty as shown in the figure.

 Now we move to the Task properties. Click the agent assignment icon.

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