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Simplified Business Workplace -> Workflow Inbox in SAP R/3


The program thus shows us the workflow overview items of workflows that were processed via this user ID.

Now we will run the second T-Code SWLD_INPLACE2

SWLD_INPLACE2 - Embedded Inbox with 2 Views

The entry screen of this transaction is shown below. We enter our own Custom Title and select INBOX for the first part and OUTBOX for the second.

The output of this program is again a simple ALV.

This time the screen has two container elements. One displays the INBOX and the other OUTBOX (as per selection criteria)

The first transaction SWLD_INPLACE1 calls the ABAP Report RSWL_INPLACE_INBOX_DEMO and the second transaction SWLD_INPLACE2 calls the ABAP Report RSWL_INPLACE_INBOX_DEMO_PROFI. You can copy these programs into custom programs and modify them as needed.

The tool bar allows the user to switch between views, just display the work item without executing and many other features.

Display Work Item

Forward the work item

Manage Attachments in the work item

Other Functions

The workflow environment

Switch between INBOX, OUTBOX and RESUBMISSION views

Thus this program empowers the user with a lot of features while keeping everything simple.

I would suggest you to do a lot of study and research on the classes used in this program that is used to first fetch the SBWP Details and then passing it to the ALV.

You can create your own custom screens and push buttons and provide a much simple Business Workplace to the Client / End Users.

Business simply loves this simple view of the business workplace as it makes their work simple.

The major advantages of this process are:

·         Very simple layout and view. Very easy to use.

·         Custom program can be developed very easily and tweaked as per business need.

·         Advantageous to end users who need a simpler business workplace with lesser navigations, buttons and menus.

·         Can be included in Module Pool Program screens.

·         Can be called from Custom Reports.

·         Selective task filtering and feature suppression possible by creating variants and assigning them to different users as per need.

Conclusion: We were able to regenerate the different views of SBWP (Inbox and Outbox) via a simple transaction. These views were much simple and easy to use compared to the standard Business Workplace (SBWP).

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