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Simplified Business Workplace -> Workflow Inbox in SAP R/3

By Anirban Bhattacharjee, KPIT Cummins and Infosystems

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to display a simple view of the Business Workplace (SBWP) which can be used in Custom Developments / Module Pool Screens or even Custom Workflow Reports.

Business Scenario: The Business Workplace or SAP Workflow Inbox (as many people call it) can be accessed via the transaction SBWP. It contains complete details of the Inbox, Outbox, E-Mail Notifications, etc. But on many occasions the Business Users request for a simple view of this Business Workplace. Something that will show just the workflow work items and omit the other details. That way; the user can processes their desired work item only and not worry about other technicalities.

There is no need to custom develop this solution, since SAP has given us a very simple way to do it.

Process: The process involves running a couple of standard transaction codes. I will explain this in details below.

Normal process of accessing the Business Workplace

We run the transaction SBWP to access the Business Workplace or click on the button as shown below

The Business Workflow screen looks like shown below

As you can see the SBWP is pretty detailed. The user can display a lot of information related to Documents, Workflow Work Items, Started and Processing Workflows, Resubmission Entries, and many more. The end user rarely uses all these. They are mainly bothered to see the work items that they have to process.

In SBWP the work items to be processed are accessed as shown beloe:

The user can thus select the desired item to process. Similar process is followed for other entries where the user needs to navigate in the tree and locate the desired item to process.

Simplified way of seeing the Business Workplace or SAP Inbox

Now we will simplify this view. For this we will run the first T-Code called SWLD_INPLACE1

SWLD_INPLACE1 - Embedded Inbox with a View

The entry screen of the T-Code looks as shown below

(Please note you can even filter tasks whose work items you do not want to be shown. Hence you can create variants for this program and create custom transactions.

Based on business need, those transactions can be given to the end users.)

We can change the Title to something of our need and display just the INBOX section of SBWP as of now

The report shows a very simple ALV output of just the INBOX of SBWP and nothing else.

The user can process the desired work item from here and because of a simple view; it becomes a much easier task.

Similarly we can display the OUTBOX also.

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