SAP® Business Workflow Tutorial

Developing a simple application using steps "User Decision" and "Mail"


Now enter the title for the user decision “ Please make a decision”. Also enter the decision texts as Approve and Reject. On pressing enter, the outcome values default to the Decision texts but you can specify your own names, if desired. Now we need to select the agent. Agent is the person to whom the work item needs to be sent.. Since this is just a beginning, we would hardcode the user name. Select the User from the drop down list and enter the user name to whom the work item needs to be sent. In general, this type of agent assignment is not done. Agents are generally assigned using the expression, agent assignment rule or organization object (job, position etc.).


   Now select  Transfer and to graphic button. Following screen appears:


      Now we need to include a mail step to be sent to the requestor. Now select the line “Approve” and do a right click. Different options on shown on the context menu. Select Create.


    Now select the step “Send Mail” from the list.


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