Demo on using Workflow Wizard

By Nihar Ranjan Barik & Sunil Ojha, Capgemini

Workflow wizards are one of the very strong tools available in workflow builder.

Dialog-oriented user guide that simplifies the definition of workflows in standard situations.

There are wizards that just create step sequences within a workflow definition. These can be found in the Workflow Builder.

Wizards that create a new workflow definition are located in the Workflow Wizard Explorer. You can, however, also use these wizards in existing workflow definitions. In this case, a new workflow definition is not created.

For example I want to attach a report in a workflow, workflow wizards will make this very easy and effective.

Step1. Go for the transaction SWDD (Workflow Builder)

Click on “Step type that can Be inserted” and the select Workflow Wizard (see the screenshot below)  

After that Double Click On Include "Exclude Report" from Others tab


There will be two options for executing the report in Dialog/ Background Processing.  

Give the Repot name, which is going to be executed. Here the report Name is ZWORKFLOWTEST.  

Enter the select option name for the Selection screen of the report.

Here we are selecting For the report execution with the selection screen.


Enter the work Item text.



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