Maintaining Translations for Work item texts and Outcome names

In this tutorial, we would look into a simple method of translating Work item texts and step names to the desired language. 

Let us open any existing workflow definition.


Check the same workflow definition by logging in German Language:


You can observe that the text remains in the English language, whereas “Workflow Started” is translated as “Workflow gestartet” (As the SAP has already provided translation for this) 

Now to translate the text to German, Click on Extras -> Translation -> Translation (As shown in the screenshot below): 


Following pop-up appears: Select German from the list box. 


Now a screen with all the workflow steps and outcome names are displayed for maintaining the translation. 


For our testing purposes, let us maintain the German text for the first two step types.


Save and activate. 

Now logon in German Language and check the workflow definition. You can observe that for the two step types, the text is available in German. 

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