Trigger workflow when a record is created in a database table


Step 3 – Business object without a super type is now created. Existence check and Display methods are the default methods available in all sorts of Business objects. IFSAP is the standard interface used across all the business objects. These get automatically appended to our business object as soon as we create them.


Step 4 –  Creating an event in the Business object so that it can be linked to the table maintenance event and called as workflow start event.

STEP 5 – The business object has to be implemented. First the object components are implemented and then the business object is implemented.



STEP 6 - The business object has to be released. First the object is released and then the business object components are released.



STEP 9 – Business Object Generation


The business object ZTAB_CHG is ready for and can be used in the workflow.

Step 1 -> Workflow builder – SWDD


Step 2 - >Creating a start event for workflow to trigger


Step 3 -> Activate the start events


Step 4 -> Set the default binding swdd3.jpg

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