SAP® Business Workflow

Adopting a Substitute in Workflow

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

If you have been designated as an “as-needed” substitute, you must manually adopt the substitution. If you are designated as a “permanent” substitute, the work items would automatically appear in the inbox. 

Before adopting a substitution, there are 19 work items in the inbox. See the screenshot below:


To adopt a substitution, select Settings à Workflow settings à adopt substitution.


Select the corresponding User-id (if you have been assigned as a substitute for multiple people, then this option would allow you to select the user name of whom you would to check the work items) 


The corresponding user’s work items would appear in our inbox now.


You can end the substitution, by selecting settings à Workflow settings à End substitution. 

Note: Substitutes can only adopt work items that are directly routed to the person for whom they are a substitute. If you are a substitute for a user (SAPDEV02) who has been made a substitute for another user (SAPDEV01), you will only see work items for user SAPDEV02 and not of the user SAPDEV01.

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