SAP® Business Workflow

SWITCH in multiple condition

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

SAP® has introduced new features in Business Workflow in the releases 6.20, NW04 and NW04s.

This Tutorial introduces you to a new feature SWITCH provided in the step “Multiple Condition” of SAP® Workflow. It is assumed that the reader of this Tutorial has already some knowledge in Business Workflow and has worked on “Multiple Condition” step earlier. 

The SWITCH feature in the step “Multiple Condition” is provided from the release NW04. The only feature available before NW04 with this step is “CASE”. In the case of “CASE”, the workflow system checks the value of the basis of comparison against the defined comparison values (as shown below).

In SWITCH, each branch of it carries a condition definition. We can visualize “Multiple Condition” with SWITCH as a group of “Condition” steps.  

Small scenario using “Multiple Condition” with SWITCH is shown below:

Create a new workflow definition with a container element “CARRID” (Well known example for training purposes).


Set the “Properties” as import.

Double click on the undefined step to create a step “Multiple Condition”. Following screen appears:   

Select the “Switch” option in the Type field.



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