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Triggering of Events/Workflow upon Status Change

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

Scenario: Triggering of events upon Status Change of a Production Order 

Creation of Production Order: Before configuring workflow for Production Order, we would first create a production order and observe the events that are triggered by SAP (by default).

Ø      Switch on the event trace using the transaction SWELS

Ø      Go to transaction CO01 and create a Production Order.



Press SAVE and click on the following button. 


Ø      The Production order is created. Now go to either CO02/CO03 to understand the statuses set for the document created. 


Click on ‘i’ button.


The above statuses are set to this document. 

Ø      Switch of the event trace and check for the events triggered during the production order creation.  

Ø      Now the requirement is to trigger a custom event, when the status MANC is set (please refer to the above screens for details). 

Steps to trigger a custom event whenever the production order status is set to MANC

·        Go to transaction SWO1.

·        Create a custom business object by taking BUS2005 (Production Order) as Super type.

·        Create a new event, for example MANC.


·        Implement and Release the business object component and the business object.

·        Go to transaction BSVW (Status Management)

·        Click on ‘Customer Settings’


·        Go to change mode and click on ‘New Entries’.

·        Enter the following:

·        Press SAVE and select the above row and click on ‘Status restrictions’.

·        Click on New entries

·        Press F4 and select MANC from the list.


·        Save the entries. 

Now create a production order (Tcode CO01) and if the status of the document is MANC, then the above event would be triggered.

Following is the screenshot from event trace: 


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