Defining Custom Rules using responsibilities in SAP Workflow

By Geethanjali K, Kaavian Systems 

“In this tutorial, we would discuss about creating custom rules using responsibilities in SAP Workflow. The rules can be created or changed using the standard SAP transaction PFAC. Once the rules are created you can call these rules in any workflow via the rule container”. 

First go to PFAC transaction and enter the rule name like znew_rule. Click on create icon. It will show you the screen like as follows: 

Give the name of the rule and choose the rule type as “agent determination responsibilities”. 


Now go to the description page and give the rule description. Choose change text.


Go to the container tab and create a container element 



And choose the ok button. Now you have added a rule container element for ‘netvalue’ (ekpo-netwr) value. 

After that go to the responsibilities tab. Here we can provide the agents for this rule. 

Enter the abbreviation and press ENTER.


Now, for example, choose the net value as 0 to 1000 and click on save. 

The responsibility defined is in RED color. After saving the responsibility it will show the green color status.

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