SAP® Business Workflow

Configuration of Quality Notification Workflow

By Suresh Kumar Parvathaneni

Following is the procedure to configure workflow for Quality Notifications: 

Note: This document has prepared by taking screenshots from 4.6C system. 

1.      Activate the following linkages in the transactions SWETYPV: 

 The above screenshot is from the SAP 4.6C system. 

2.      Next, navigate to SPRO à SAP Reference IMG à Quality Management à Quality Notifications à Notification Processing à Activate Workflow Template.

3.      Click on Activate event linkage. Here activate the event linkage for Quality Notification INFO (Screenshot shown below):

4.      Now go back and click on “Assign agents to tasks”. Here make the quality notification tasks as “General task” as shown below:

 The screen for the above in 4.7 system is as follows:


5.      Now create a quality notification using the transaction QM01. The work item would reach the coordinator (User) that is mentioned/specified during the notification creation. 


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