Purchase Order Release Strategy

By Gowri Shankar, HCL Technologies

This document describes step-by-step procedure for triggering workflow while creating a PO.

Depends on PO value, it selects the level of approver one or two level. 


First we need to set the PO Release strategy.

Go to transaction SPRO. 


Step 2: Click SAP Reference IMG. 


Step 3:

Choose Material management à Purchasing à Purchase order à

Release Procedure for Purchase order à Define release Procedure for Purchase Order. 


Step 4: The following screen appears. 


Step 5: First let us set the release group 


Press save and come back. 

Step 6: Now the screen looks like this. 


Step 7: Now select the Release code. 



Step 8: After Release Codes, now select Release indicator.

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