PO List Retrieval for which Workflow isn't triggered due to Event Linkage deactivation

By Arghadip Kar, IBM India

Workflow Release Purchase Order (WS200000075).

Assume a scenario wherein the Linkage between the event and the workflow got de-activated due to some accidental Customizing request released in Production. Now how to retrieve the PO numbers for which the Workflow needs to be triggered manually. Remember the POs should all be subjected to Release Strategy. We have to also keep in mind that the users might release the PO manually so we need to remove those PO’s, which were released already. How to accomplish this without writing a single piece of code? 

We were using Standard Workflow WS20000075. The triggering event of this Workflow is “RELEASESTEPCREATED” of BUS2012. This event gets triggered for New Pos that is subjected to Release Strategy or for existing POs, which is subjected to New Release Strategy on changing the PO.  

Let us retrieve the list of POs that are subjected to Release Strategy. Go to transaction Code SE16 and provide the table name as EKKO (PO Header table) 


Now check for the records with release strategy not equals to SPACE and release indicator as Blocked. 



We should also give the creation Date during which this issue was faced.


These are the list of POs for which Workflow might have triggered and assigned to approver who has not released it or for which Workflow has not been triggered.  

We have a standard Transaction Code SWI6 to check the Workflow Overview individually but how to check in a massive manner.  


The above method is cumbersome and will take a lot of time. There is a table “SWIWIOBJCT” 


Give the same key field as we gave in SWI6 transaction Code.


If it has any entries, it implies that Workflow has been triggered for it. This table can be utilized to check Workflow for multiple key fields having same business object and is a very handy way to handle this crisis situation.

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